There is always something going on around the Circuit so check out the listings below for details of our regular meetings and special events/services.  For Sunday services please see the CIRCUIT PLAN page.

Further information on any of the below or Zoom meeting links, use the CONTACT US page.    


Ruskington Prayer Meeting                                                                   Tuesday 3rd at 9am

Little Hale Coffee Morning AND Harvest Auction                                  Tuesday 3rd, 10am to 12noon

Gossiping the Gospel                                                                             Tuesday 3rd at 7pm

Ruskington Women on Wednesday (WoW)                                           Wednesday 4th at 1:30pm

Timberland Soup and Sweet                                                                 Thursday 5th at 12:30pm

Dunston Knit and Natter                                                                       Thursday 5th at 2:30pm

Sleaford Social Activities Group                                                             Thursday 5th at 7pm

Sleaford Country Stroll and Lunch                                                         Friday 6th at 10:30am

Ruskington Warm Space for All Seasons                                               Friday 6th, 11am to 3pm

Ruskington Coffee Morning for Shoebox Transportation                      Saturday 7th, 10am to 12noon

Ruskington Prayer Meeting                                                                    Tuesday 10th at 9am

Ruskington Lunch Bunch                                                                       Tuesday 10th, 12 for 12:30pm

Billinghay Lending Library                                                                     Tuesday 10th, 2 to 3:30pm

Leasingham Fellowship                                                                          Wednesday 11th, 2 for 2:15pm

Little Hale Arts and Crafts Club                                                              Thursday 12th, 10am to 12noon

Ruskington Warm Space for All Seasons                                                Friday 13th, 11am to 3pm

Heckington Coffee Morning for 'JamieForever12'                                  Saturday 14th, 10am to 12noon

Sleaford Churches Together Quiz                                                          Saturday 14th, 7:15 for 7:30pm

Timberland Church Council Meeting                                                      Sunday 15th after 9:30am worship

Circuit Singing Session (at Ruskington)                                                 Monday 16th at 2pm

Ruskington Prayer Meeting                                                                     Tuesday 17th at 9am

Billinghay Coffee Morning for Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance                Tuesday 17th, 10 to 11:30am

Little Hale Soup and Sweet Lunch                                                          Tuesday 17th, 12 for 12:30pm

Ruskington Church Council Meeting                                                       Tuesday 17th at 2pm

Gossiping the Gospel                                                                              Tuesday 17th at 7pm

LPWL Fellowship                                                                                    Wednesday 18th at 10am

Sleaford Church Council Meeting                                                            Wednesday 18th at 2pm

Dunston Lunch Club                                                                              Friday 20th at 12noon

Sleaford Monthly Tea                                                                             Friday 20th, 4 for 4:30pm

Heckington and Little Hale Church Council Meeting                              Sunday 22nd after 10:30am worship

World Church Sunday bring-and-share tea and service (at Sleaford)    Sunday 22nd, 4pm and 6pm

Ruskington Prayer Meeting                                                                     Tuesday 24th at 9am

Ruskington Lunch Bunch                                                                         Tuesday 24th, 12 for 12:30pm

Leasingham Fellowship                                                                           Wednesday 25th, 2 for 2:15pm

Billinghay Church Council Meeting                                                          Thursday 26th at 2pm

Dunston Knit and Natter                                                                          Thursday 26th at 2:30pm

Dunston Church Council Meeting                                                             Sunday 29th after 10:30am worship

Sleaford Warm Space                                                                               Sunday 29th at 11:30am

Ruskington Prayer Meeting                                                                      Tuesday 31st at 9am